1 Tribute to Abdelkrim Ouazzani

Ouazzani seen by … Kacimi

“Ouazzani is a contemporary artist who questions the possibilities of spatial writing, timeless. A reverie. It dramatizes the figures that are willing to play a role in the garden look, a rite of transfiguration game reinvented as poetry unfolds, evolves, wrote in a whirl that keeps coming to his own center as a point support or reference.
A center in search of balance.
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The 10th edition of FICAM® (International Animation Film Festival of Meknes) held its promises, thanks to the diversity of its guests and their availability. Among them, many directors: the French Jacques Colombat Serge Elissalde, Jacques-Rémy Girerd, Philippe Leclerc … The Czech Jiri Barta, the Dane Jannik Hastrup, Canadian Co Hoedeman; but also professionals such as Chantal Bernheim, Director Resources and Development at the Television Suisse Romande, René Chénier, Executive Producer at the National Film Board of Canada, Arnaud Demuynck, Northern Film Producer, Pascal Le Notre, Director of Studios Folimage Dominique Poussier, Director of TF1 youth programs, Annick Teninge, School Director The Powder Helena Vayssières, Head of short programs ARTE.
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